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Fairport Federal Credit Union Checking

It's time to check in.

Fairport Federal Credit Union boasts truly great checking accounts. Other financial institutions make you pay to have a checking account with them, but FFCU pays you dividends on your balance. It's time to check into a FFCU checking account.

FFCU checking accounts

  NO maintenance fees

  NO monthly fees

  NO minimum balance

Share Draft (Checking) Accounts

Our Share Draft Checking Account in an interest bearing (based on earnings) checking account available to all members 16 years of age or older*.


To or from your share draft account can be made by telephone, in person, Starline, our voice response unit, or Internet Teller.


Can be made in person, by US mail, through Direct Deposit, by using our night deposit box, and at some Automated Teller Machines.

Direct Deposit

is the easiest and safest way to have your paycheck, retirement check, or Social Security check deposited to your account. Most employers will provide direct deposit. If you use direct deposit, your money will be available the same day you are paid.


Attached to your checking account can help avoid the expense and embarrassment of bounced checks. Simply apply at the Credit Union and enjoy the convenience of having funds available, up to your credit limit, to pay for unexpected expenses. Minimum line-of-credit is $500, maximum $5,000.

Check Guard

Offers limited overdraft protection to eligible members to cover checks, ACH/Electronic items and recurring debit transactions.


Are compounded monthly and paid monthly on a Day of Deposit, Day of Withdrawal basis.


Can be made by writing a check, using Starline, Internet Teller, at ATMs or at the teller window.

Overdraft Protection

Is provided from your savings account. If a check is presented for payment and sufficient funds are not available, we will transfer the funds from your primary savings account (S-1) providing sufficient funds are available. There is a charge (regardless of the number of items cleared) for each day that transfers must be made.

Visa Check Card

Will be provided at no cost if you would like one to access your account from any one of the thousands of ATM locations throughout all 50 states and in most foreign countries.

   Check Guard Plus

Offers the same features as Check Guard but also includes everyday debit card transactions.

While Check Guard and Check Guard Plus are not a loan, it will cover transactions up to a $300.00 when account funds are not available. That means you avoid the embarrassment and fees associated with a returned check and avoid the frustration of possible denial when making a purchase or an ATM withdrawal.

Members pay no monthly fee and no per check charge. There is no minimum balance requirement other than the requirement that the account be opened with an initial deposit to cover the cost of the first check order.

Remember: All transactions at Fairport Federal Credit Union owned ATM's are surcharge free!

Please refer to our fee schedule for specific fees and charges.

* Some restrictions apply.